As I could recollect, I have a natural desire and calling to pursue arts.
When I started out, I strongly believed that I needed to have strong fundamentals.
Towards this end, in photography, I studied and learnt from my seniors and ancestors. In addition, I took great pains to learn post processing, printing, paper ink technology etc.
In paintings, I learn from renowned painters and artists, work hard on mastering of basic painting skills, calligraphy, study art history and basic philosophy.
Ancillary though, these are essentials that allow me to maximize artistic expression and perfect my art pieces.
Gradually, I developed my personal style which best reflects my thoughts and emotions.
I have always strived to pursue excellence in arts, to improve and move forwards. Therefore, in different times, different motifs evolved.
Looking back, my road of artistic expression could be divided into several stages:

1. Abstract Conceptual Art

My early photography emphasizes the expression of emotions and thoughts. They tend to be abstract and conceptual.
Some representative works at this stage includes the "Twin - She can shoot, Can she?", the kick off of "Project Self Portrait", "Photography - Document or non-documentative" etc.

Twins - She can shoot, can she?

2. Salon Exhibition

To develop further, I participated in international salon competitions. This helped me build up my technical expertise further. In 2008/9, I was enlisted as Top Ten Who's Who by the Photographic Society of America (PSA) in Black and White large print and Color Photo large print sessions , I had won over 150 PSA/FIAP (Federation Internationale De L'art Photographique) accredited international salon awards, as well as innumerable local ones.
The Inner Mongolia, the Tanzania, the Jiangshu portfolios are some of the works at this stage.


3. Creative Travel Photography

I decided to return to my roots which is personal creativity. I then created several travel photo portfolios and held solo as well as group exhibitions, giving talks and publishing personal albums . Some of the works include " Round the World under Amy's Lens", Photos from Amy's Wandering, Fukushima - Once upon a time….

                             Prague series

4. Infusion of Chinese traditional cultural values, Chinese Ink Painting and Calligraphy


I started studying Chinese brush painting and calligraphy under master Lam Tian Xing in an endeavor to move forwards and to fuse photography with Chinese art concepts.

Some conceptual mixed media works, like the "Longevity series", Chinese ink color paintings like: On the Edge - Pool,  local sketches of Bhutan, Provence,  and the portfolio Lotus Rendezvous are some works I created in this stage.
Moving forwards, I will further my exploration in the application of Chinese cultural values and beliefs in my art form. Be it painting, photography or mixed media. I shall continue to create more East West fusion art.

Longevity #3

                           On the Edge #4 

                          Yellow House 



夜 巴黎