Travelogue…and more
I view photography as a multifaceted tool. It is on the one hand an instrument that allows artistic self expression, and on the other hand a functional technique which provides pictorial record of events, persons and places. Often, however, the lines between these two apparently diametrically opposite functions are not that distinct. A pictorial travel diary, documenting pretty images of far flung places, can at the same time capture the feelings and moods of the creator.
This photo album is such a travelogue. The first section “travelogue…” shows beautiful pictures of places of stunning beauty, captured at their most colourful and splendid moments. In this section, I use an interactive approach, using my artist aesthetic to record what I see. In the subsequent section “…and more”, I take a more active approach. My feelings, moods and thoughts are expressed through images.


攝影在我看來,是一個多元化的工具。一方面它是一個演繹自我藝術意 念的器具,另一方面它也是一種功能性的技術,將事件、人物和地方以圖像 方式記錄下來。雖然,一般而言,這兩個似乎南轅北轍的功能一藝術演繹和 圖像技術,其間的分界線並不明顯。一本旅遊攝影日記不單能以圖片記錄海 角他鄉的美妙境物,更同時間捕捉拍攝者在此時此地的思緒和感受。

這本攝影冊正是這一類的旅遊日記。影冊的第一部份《天涯掠映》,展 示了行程中到訪過的美好地方,境紛奪目迷人,並把握她們最色彩燦爛的一刻,留下美麗的情影。作為拍攝者,在這個部份,我主要是運用個人的藝術 美學手法,將所見所聞,以互動的形式,記錄下來。在影冊裡的第二部份 《光影傳情》,我則採取更多主動的處理手法,將我的感覺、思緒和意念通過影像表達出來。



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